Additional Reservation Info

Reservation Changes/Cleaning Fee

Reservation changes incur no penalty provided customer books a similar length reservation for the current season.  If no opening exists, cancellation policy applies.

We do charge a $100 cleaning fee at check-in.  $50 of this fee is refundable via snail mail provided the cabin is left in clean condition as it was found.

Need A Stay Less Than 3 Days?

Check out our calendar for shorter stays that might have been created by others' reservations.  If there is an availability less than 3 nights in which you're interested, email us and let us know so we can work something out for you.

Need a Reservation for Next Year?

We'd love to take your reservation, however keep in mind that guests who are booked into our cabin for 6 or more nights for the current season have the option of reserving for their same time span for the next calendar year before they check-out. The best idea is to email us and we'll put you on a list so that we can contact you if your selected dates open up.    

Reservations of less than 6 nights cannot be made until March 1st of the booking year unless  a smaller “locked in” space shows available on our calendar prior to March 1st.